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Jon Yoffie

Basic Information

San Rafael, CA, United States
Media & Marketing
PR & Marketing

About Me

I love making cash registers ring for my customers!

I am an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. A practitioner of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media. I develop strategies and tactics that deliver more profitable customer acquisition and retention with accountability and analytics to back them up.

I espouse a process with marketers that is repeatable, scaleable, and measurable.

- Create remarkable content
- Optimize to get found/SEO
- Promote and distribute content via blogs, social networks, email marketing, press releases.
- Include a call-to-action
- Capture leads
- Nurture leads along their purchase journey
- Convert leads to customers
- Turn customers into advocates
- Analyze, adjust, and improve at every step.

My background as a print/web publisher, most recently in B2B media, allows me to quickly help businesses think and act like publishers to generate great content and build an audience for it.

My experience working with marketers, from the largest multinationals to mom-and-pop startups, gives me the experience to know marketers need to deliver measurable results. We change your marketing to an asset from a cost.

Domino Theory: Smarter Business Communications works with businesses that understand the power of new digital marketing models but don’t have the internal expertise or bandwidth to tackle them.

From Strategy, through Tactics, to Measurement we develop programs that go far beyond “renting eyeballs” or piggy-backing on someone else’s content. We help our customers track customers from contact all the way through the sale and then work on repeat sales and turning your customers into your referral engine.

If you are in the position of educating yourself on how to put these new tools to work or are you already putting your toes in but don’t have the time or experience to do it all on your own, we can help!

I’d love to hear from you!

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