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Ricky Walter

Basic Information

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Austin, TX, United States
Lubbock, TX, United States
Automotive Professional

About Me

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rick Walter, it is highly likely that he’s made you laugh. With a quick wit and great sense of humor, Rick delivers on his promise to make car buying fun. Ricks ambition is his driver. With his eye on the goal, he becomes laser focused on accomplishing all tasks that allow him to achieve success. Instinctively he innovates and invents all while being original and resourceful. With these great talents, Rick’s ability to exude passion and enthusiasm inspires the people around him with fervor. His gift in life is to bring people together. He has the ability to transform an idea into something tangible. He then, with enthusiasm and the desire to making a difference, takes what’s tangible and creates a platform to share and teach strategies on the things he loves. Ricks dynamic personality exudes limitless energy. As a self-starter, he’s all about finding a way to make things happen. Having mastered the skills of turning an idea, concept and plan into action, he is often considered as an expert in his field. Being a visionary, his thoughts are big and his strategies are proven. Always communicating clearly and consistently, Rick keeps no secrets. His personal philosophy is to learn – master – then share! Rick and his wife have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. The entire family expresses their purpose in life by showing up to serve others. Either as a complete unit or individually, all members of this family enjoy volunteering at charitable fundraisers and community events. To learn more about Rick Walter visit or follow on twitter @usedcarricky

Why I love my city

they should call it Awesome instead of Austin



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