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Jay O'conner

Basic Information

Media: Online

About Me

Advocate for Social Transmedia Brandcasting

Determining that Transmedia represents the focal point of the multicultural revolution Jay O’Conner created the mission to “Bridge the Gap Change Mindsets and Transform Cultures through Love Acceptance & Diversity” television programming.

Our focus is creating a new revenue stream via merchandising product placement opportunities in streaming video on WCN Networks as well as serving the Fashion, Sports and Music Industries monetize content.

Transmedia entails the optimizing brand narratives, multimodal (multi-format, multimedia, multi-device) content, and Web services for mobile, Web, print, packaging, signage, and satellite TV as well as beverages, cosmetics and personal care, events, fashion apparel, food and, industrial design.

Interactive Media, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Transmedia Brandcasting, Social Cinema, Monetizing Streaming Video.

While some might find my views a bit radical, I have studied this industry from the day I founded WCN in Atlanta Georgia. I believe I have found a way for Advertisers, Content Owners, Producers, Writers, Artists, and the creative community to access a portion of the 2.2 Trillion that will be spent in Global Entertainmen

Why I love my city

Because it has it all.


Music Sports and Fashion

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