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Trevor Greenfield

Basic Information

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Kenilworth, United Kingdom
Kenilworth, United Kingdom
Business Owner
Information Technology

About Me

I am a husband, Father, fanatical Internet marketer and coach, Business Advisor and CEO of The FITS Foundation, MD and owner of Homeworker Direct and Niche Market Hosting.

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been marketing online since 1997 and a business owner for over 30 years.

The FITS Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation created to spearhead the professionalisation of the ICT workforce in Education. The company provides training and accreditation for all grades of staff in the education sector and a range of professional services to the senior leadership.

Homeworker Direct incorporates all of my online activities including niche marketing, affiliate marketing and online business coaching.
Niche Market Hosting is my web hosting arm where I provide domain name registration, hosting and a range of website development and installation services.

Why I love my city

Kenilworth is a small English provincial town that has lots of appeal for me and my lifestyle. It has lots of coffee shops where I can relax reading up on the latest Internet topics, plan my business activities and enjoy life.

It has a wide range of shops that provide everything you need without spoiling the country feel that I like.


I’m a collector of guitars and play both guitar and electric bass (guitar badly and bass good). I have been a tropical fish keeper and breeder for over 40 years, founder member of the British Cichlid Association and member of several fishkeeping associations around the world.

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