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Tric Weyerbacher ortiz

Basic Information

Marketing/ Design
Information Technology

About Me

from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters, the internet was made for you and me… I’ve lived in many cities and in many community types. I share as much as I can with friends, family, social media relationships and help the less informed, which always includes myself because there is always something to learn.

Why I love my city

Fort Myers, Florida became home in 2009 after leaving the desert dust of Arizona. I love the water and also love the vibe of downtown. Arts and Entertainment as well as travelers are not only supported but encouraged by the City, County and local residents.


I have a strong interest in disseminating information in logical but out-of-the-box manner. I am a songwriter, graphic artist,web designer,data specialist. I work with several non-profits, especially tied to Nations Association Charities of Ft Myers. Mot locals know Nations for community assistance for food, clothing, and household items. Nations outstanding Youth Programs are less familiar. In force since 1978, I am honored to now be a part of such a blessing to others.

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