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Timur Tugberk

Basic Information

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Arlington, VA, United States
Potomac, MD, United States
Event Planner

About Me

As a native Washingtonian, born and raised in Potomac, MD, I have found a rare approach to living life and doing business here in DC. From a young age I have been travelling and living in various places of the world, cultivating interesting aspects of different cultures, lifestyles, and aesthetics. Returning to DC for most of my college to study Interior Design at George Washington, I was able to apply the traits to allow me to stand out from my piers. It was throughout my successful start as an interior designer that I started being commissioned to create high end quality design environments for events. From there my design and event planning business exploded. Designing a variety of environments such as condos, lobbies, entire hotels, single family homes, cafes, and some mansions really brought my aesthetic to the public eye. I’ve also been known to plan events ranging from award ceremonies, large scale fundraisers, celebrity appearances to smaller gatherings at homes and businesses, and weekly nightlife events. Through social media, I have proven the ability to build a brand, not only for my own company, but for others. Combining my talents and skills as an event planner with a strong capability in marketing and social media has allowed myself and my company to now offer a full spectrum of services starting from Design and Event Planning and expanding to all PR, Marketing, Branding and Media needs.

Why I love my city

First and foremost, I am one of the few native Washingtonians. Throughout my life, I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, always finding my way back here. I find the aesthetic beauty of Washington to be such an appeal for me…if it’s worth looking at, it’s worth living in. Washington to me has some of the most interesting people, styles, and surroundings. I am neither in the North nor South, I can ski, stomp grapes, kayak, beach, and boat all within an hour of any direction. I have lived in Maryland, the District, and now Virginia…all different…all great and worth experiencing, but the main reason I love living in Washington is for my amazing family that has rooted here.

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