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Tanzila Rab

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Columbia, MD, United States

About Me

I moved halfway across the world 9 years ago to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. In 2008 we had a beautiful baby girl so I decided to put my career as a Financial Advisor on hold for a little bit to spend quality time with my princes- Now I’m perusing my dream of being a business owner with my very own online Jewelry Boutique. I love being around positive energy & happy people, I want my Jewelry to capture a wide variety of styles so that people from all walks of life can enjoy it~ there’s something for everyone!! I love Travelling, Art & Food. I’m still trying to get the hang of Twitter.

Why I love my city

Awesome people, history, culture, politics, food & endless entertainment….in short I love everything about DC! (YUP even the blizzards last winter)


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