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Bruce Johnston

Basic Information

Monmouth, United Kingdom
Media: Online

About Me

I work with small to medium sized businesses and help them to grow using low cost solutions that maximise the return on investment. Foremost among these is the use of Social Media.

I teach my clients to use Social Media to help grow their business.

If they haven’t got the time then I will do it for them.

My services can be summarised as follows:

> Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Workshops designed to improve awareness of the power of Social Media to market businesses, products and brands.
> Social Media consultancy for smaller businesses.
> Developing Social Media strategies and policies.
> Reputation management.
> Outsourced Social Media for smaller businesses.

I provide services and advice that help my clients to find customers, sell more to existing customers and promote their products and services more effectively.

Whatever your business model I have the resources and experience to transform your business and generate sustained, profitable growth.

Small businesses do not always have the budgets or resources to invest in strategies that will generate growth, so I will always take such constraints into account when working with clients.

Why I love my city

It’s easy to get to and it’s friendly


Photography, walking, social media

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