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Sharmine  Narwani

Basic Information

writer, blogger, analyst - Middle East geopolitics

About Me

Politics is my passion – the notion that individuals can drive change motivates me above all else. And I love blogging on the subject – this new interaction and instant feedback between writer and reader is strangely gratifying. I write commentary about Mideast geopolitics for the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera – and am a senior associate at St Antony’s College, Oxford University.

Why I love my city

I live in a beautiful country village outside of London, dripping with lush greenery the year around – a perfect counterbalance to the overcast skies here. I love my village because it is the kind of life where you can call the post office to inquire after an undelivered package and the guy says: “Oh hi Sharmine, here it is right in front of me now.” I like small worlds where humanity collides. And yet I am spitting distance from London – that hopping metropolis which offers a world of intellectual, cultural and hedonistic delights.


Politics, foreign policy, dancing.

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