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Shane Barker

Basic Information

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Sacramento, CA, United States
Sacramento, CA, United States
Marketing Consultant
Social Media

About Me

Shane Barker is serial and social entrepreneur who has a passion for SEO and Internet marketing. He has a proven track record in developing and executing long term marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and is an experienced product development specialist. As an acknowledged expert in growing businesses, he was a partner in a startup venture that was valued at over 15 million dollar in less than 2 years. He enjoys developing businesses and has a passion for giving back to the community.

Why I love my city

I love Sacramento because we are in the heart of California. We have an hour and a half away from the beach, mountains or San Francisco. The weather is amazing and the people are great! We are truly blessed!


Start-Up Businesses, Fellow Entrepreneurs, Family, Social Media, Internet Marketing, SEO, Sacramento Kings, San Francisco 49ers, Athlete Management, Celebrity Marketing

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