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IT services,web development

IT services,web development

IT services,web development 8.658 out of 10 based on 2 votes. on on
IT services,web development

Soarlogic is a software services start-up which specializes in web applicaion development and IT solutions provider to a global clientele. we application design and development, optimized e-business solutions that meet the requirements of global business models in terms of higher efficiency, lower costs and competitive advantage. At Soarlogic, we constantly innovate and develop Information Technology based business solutions. We help our client’s strategies, their business operations and help them to obtain the maximum performance.


Service type(s):
Software Development, Web Development
Information Technology
Additional notes:

Specialties Web Designing, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Software Solution, Tecnological Assistance etc, Java/Jee,Struts,Cakephp,Php,Ruby on Rails,C#.Net

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