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Broadband Internet Access

Broadband Internet Access

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Broadband Internet Access

Your business needs affordable, reliable and scalable broadband Internet service. We have flexible solutions designed specifically for Enterprises and Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses.

Our broadband services are available in a variety of speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 200 Mbps. All of our service plans guarantee performance and reliability and are designed to scale as your business grows.

Because we own and operate our own network, installation times are always faster than legacy telecom and cable service providers and prices are always lower than traditional telecom circuits. Once service is installed, upgrading to faster speeds is a simple phone call away.


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Internet Services - Broadband Wireless
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If you are looking at DSL, T1 or cable for business Internet connectivity, Skyriver PRO is the right choice for you. Skyriver PRO offers broadband speeds up to 3 Mbps— equivalent to the speed of two bonded T1s— at a lower cost and with faster install times than traditional T1 connections. Skyriver PRO is also a better alternative to DSL and cable if you need faster symmetrical speeds, increased performance, greater reliability and dedicated bandwidth. If your business needs DS3, fractional DS3 or fiber broadband Internet connectivity, consider Skyriver ENTERPRISE. Skyriver ENTERPRISE is available in speeds from 5 Mbps to 200 Mbps powered by a fully redundant network. Skyriver ENTERPRISE rivals the reliability and speed of fiber options at a lower cost and with a two-week time to install.

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Babak Jafarian


You are in San Diego area and need broadband access for your business; this is it.

over 4 years ago   Report

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