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Scott Tyner

Basic Information

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Cochran, GA, United States
Macon, GA, United States
Sales & Service Ninja

About Me

Scott Tyner is a Christian man who is deeply passionate about his family. As a husband to Rachel and father of 5 children, he has plenty to do when he’s not hard at work selling cars.

With great ambition, Scott is naturally driven to achieve his goals. His desire to learn and continuously improve himself becomes a source of fuel that energizes him at work. Scott finds himself routinely scanning new information and exploring new technologies to fill his appetite for knowledge.

Scott is structured and devotes his time and energy to ensure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.When he is asked to look at a situation that most would consider undesirable, Scott see the solution and an opportunity. Filled with a positive outlook on life, he delivers a can-do attitude. His optimism has been a key component to his personal and professional success.

Scott is a bright, intellectual man who is recognized as an expert in his field. He enjoys being part of a team and shows his teammates respect. He’s one you can expect to demonstrate value and deliver results. As a man with a vision, he can develop and execute a strategy that will move things forward.

It is throughout each day that Scott Tyner’s faith in God inspires him, guides him and leads him. To learn more about R. Scott Tyner visit

Why I love my city

My wife and I moved to Cochran to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city we lived in growing up. We decided that we wanted to raise children in a country setting.


Christian, Family, Automotive Sales, R/C Airplanes, Gardening, Wordpress, Websites, Local Internet Marketing, Conspiracy Theory Buff

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