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Sara Damelio

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Silver Spring, MD, United States
Jacksonville, FL, United States

About Me

I have lived in Washington since 1998. I came here to work as an intern at The National Geographic. I am very involved and passionate about the green/organic beauty movement.
I own Skincando, an organic/green skincare company. I hand make a cure-all product called Combat-Ready Balm that has received rave reviews from both US troops overseas and civilians for soothing their dry skin, eczema + bug bites.
I started a not-for-profit donation campaign called Operation Sand Flea that was recently written about in Oprah Magazine. Operation Sand Flea lets clients go to Skincando and send over care packages of Combat-Ready products at 50% off of the retail price to service members and Skincando covers the shipping cost. I also work closely with The Still Point holistic spa in Takoma Park, MD
I love fashion, movies, traveling and shopping and am always checking out all the new restaurants that pop up around DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Why I love my city

I think that DC is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. An international city brimming with culture, art, diverse food, and passionate people. A city of dreams filled with hard working people who came here to make their own dreams a reality. I love that change is possible in Washington.


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