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Refrigerated food express inc Rfx inc

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Avon, MA, United States
trucking transport services

About Me

The RFX Companies excel at providing customized trucking transport services to industries & companies of all types. Whether you need to ship refrigerated product or heavy haul 20 backhoes across the nation, our logistics support and wide range of transportation vehicles and types has the perfect fit for your line of business. Our online freight brokers and forwarding agents will help you with your shipment.

Why I love my city

We’ve built a business that’s flexible and provides custom trucking & transport services for a variety of industries including specialty food manufacturers, retail, perishable and non-perishable general commodity manufacturers and distributors. Our trucking services include flatbed, dry van, ltl, refrigerated and specialized equipment, and more.


Both RFX Inc., and Refrigerated Food Express Inc. are run by a strong management team. Whether it’s our personnel at the corporate headquarters, our staff in the regional offices around the country, or our owner operators on the road, The RFX team is made of dedicated, experienced trucking and shipping professionals who are committed to honesty, fairness, and quality transportation service.

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