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Eric Edelman

Basic Information

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New York, NY, United States
New York, NY, United States

About Me

I am a collagist and found-object sculptor living in New York City. I have exhibited at the Philoctetes Center, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Arts Club, Long Island University, and various private galleries.

My work is represented in several private and institutional collections and has appeared in the books THE ART OF THE MINIATURE and GENIUS IN A BOTTLE, as well as the monograph “Eric Edelman Collages the Unconscious.”

I draw material for artwork from his personal collections, which include wood engravings, shells, bones, compasses, wooden shapes, porcelain doll parts, game pieces, machine parts, bottles, pins, toys, and pentagonal objects.

Why I love my city

There are benefits to living just about anywhere, if one learns to make the most of them. I have always enjoyed and benefited from New York City’s rich mix of ethnicities and experiences, as well as its cultural institutions.


Creativity, aesthetics, art, collage in general, and surrealist collage and fractal art in particular. The relationships among collage, vision, ancestral memory, and the cultural collective unconscious. My blog also promotes the appreciation and use of wood engravings as source material for collage and other artwork, honoring the work of collage masters past and present: Max Ernst, Joseph Cornell, and others.

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