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Bob Finch

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About Me

I am passionate about and experienced in managing business development, marketing and communications teams. I excel at resolving crises and overcoming roadblocks that arise between organizations, stakeholders, customers and the media in the process of getting things done.

A perpetual early-adopter, I help people, organizations and brands get wins by appropriately integrating new ideas and tools at the “early majority” point on the innovation adoption bell curve. I enjoy nudging people to perform outside their comfort zones and push beyond the inevitable mistakes that come with juggling today’s rapid changes in how we all do business.

I thrive in a diverse range of environments. Whether it is as a development team lead within a large organization or as a freelance project manager coordinating multiple subcontractors, I foster cooperation among people with wide varieties of perspectives and expectations.

Why I love my city

I don’t have to tell friends who come to visit which exit to get off.


History, social media, tilting at windmills (just checking to see if you’re still paying attention), Florida Gators, freestyle Frisbee, intellectual challenges

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