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Racheal  O. mack

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New York, NY, United States
Levittown, NY, United States
Creative Marketing Consultant
Media: Online

About Me

I am a New Media/Creative Marketing Consultant, I help both individuals and businesses develop and maintain social media campaigning, coordination and content strategies.

I provide consulting by the hour or project basis, depending on you/your companies goals.

Client Testimonials

“Racheal is very knowledgeable in social media marketing. I have found her to be a great professional resource for business to business services and a fanatical marketer. She has the skill and drive to get the job done right and produce results.” August 10, 2009, Mark F., Web Developer

“When it comes to marketing Racheal does an amazing job! She is very hands on, creative, and always follows up. From putting events together to designing our EPK -”elctronic press kit" we have really enjoyed working with her. Racheal always puts your best interest first and is great to work with." August Sky: Classic Rock, Blues & Originals,,

“Great job in helping me make my sales pages more relevant in order to build my sales.” John C. H., Gilroy CA, March 2009, Author

“Racheal O. Mack is awesome. With her knowledgeable scope of marketing, her congenial and especially her intuitive personality she goes above and beyond to those who engage her help. She will do all she can to achieve the desired results, truly connecting with each and every client to success. She has given me a wider scope, and touched on so many levels, that alone I could not have done without her. Thank you so much Racheal for passion and commitment.”

“With love and admiration, Andrea owner of”

For tons of creative marketing strategies and ideas to market your business online, contact Racheal O. Mack Creative Marketing™. She is currently working on her book "Getting to Start, Creative Marketing Strategies, due to release summer 2011.

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Why I love my city

Lot’s of fun things to do and people to meet.


Marketing, Art, Social Media, Business News, Researching latest new media tools

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