The new Google Chromebook Pixel is a beautiful, expensive laptop. Here's what your money will get you:
Topics: Tech - Hardware0 answersasked over 2 years ago
Google Glass in the Workplace
Topics: Gadgets0 answersasked over 2 years ago
American conservatives truly are brainwashed and uneducated. They have no intelligent insights into how a society functions. Their dream nation is one where they hate their fellow citizens enough ...(more)
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Washington D.C. Trumps California As Most Gay Place in the United States, Says UCLA Study
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They bravely do a great job toppling their dictators for a democracy republic type of government. They even do an awesome job setting up their first ever presidential election pretty quickl...(more)
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Policing The Internet: Physician Behavior In Cyberspace

Topics: Internet & Web, Internet - Privacy, Social media0 answersasked over 2 years ago

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