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5* Beach Resort

The COLUMBIA Beach Resort in Pissouri has an idyllic charm with its low rise buildings and distinctive architecture resembling a typical Cypriot village.
Located in the sheltered Bay of Pissouri on the southern coast of Cyprus, this five-star hotel features elegant suites, luxuriously furnished with fabrics and materials that reflect the colours of the landscape, the cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea.
Using local stone, wooden features and creative planting, our Pissouri Beach Resort stands in harmony with its surroundings, a clever combination of old and new. Lovingly restored terracotta roof tiles, graceful arches and shutters on the windows reflect the influences of traditional Cypriot architecture.
The position of the Resort on a spectacular two kilometre beach and the dense vegetation in the valleys behind the bay is truly magical.

The view over the 80 metre-long lagoon style pool and across the beach to the bay makes our Beach Resort holidays in Cyprus an unforgettable experience.


Product categories:
Food & Beverages, Dinning, Luxury Travel,
Health: Wellness & Fitness
Details & specifications:
The COLUMBIA Spa is an award-winning health and fitness centre at the heart of the Beach Resort. Here you will find the latest fitness equipment, numerous exercise classes and the exquisite relaxed ambience of the spa
Additional notes:

5* all suite Beach Resort,with fine dining as well as Mediterranean cuisine in our taverna.

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