Awesomize Naked iPad Flap Case is a new and powerful social interaction engine that will help you determine intelligently and effectively who you need to be connected with and through which social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, etc.

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Naked iPad Flap Case

It doesn’t get much more naked than this! Made of insanely supple cowhide, this unadorned, unfancy, unfrivolous case is absolutely “un” resistible. Just flip open the flap and slide your iPad into the felt-lined case and there it will remain safe and toasty until you need it.

There is also available a Naked iPad Slip Case

Natural leather products may have slight imperfections which we believe only adds to their character.


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Retail, Handmade
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The Flap case is made from 100% natural cowhide. The Naked Case measures: 8? x 11?.
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