Awesomize Sharetops is a new and powerful social interaction engine that will help you determine intelligently and effectively who you need to be connected with and through which social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, etc.

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Sharetops is a next generation web 2.0 social networking and social bookmarking platform using cool intuitive web desktops to display the web. Sharetops is free to use and offers web users a clean intuitive customisable web desktop interface to the social web. Users can share and organise web sites, RSS feeds, videos, photographs / images and audio across multiple web desktops, chat to friends, exchange website links, create reminders / to do lists, play games and use widget based applications. Sharetops enables users to share their creations by publishing them to the web in the form of a social navigable web desktop website for other web users to browse and borrow websites and web resources


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Software Development - Facebook Apps., Web Development
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