Awesomize BullGuard Internet Security 10 is a new and powerful social interaction engine that will help you determine intelligently and effectively who you need to be connected with and through which social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, etc.

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BullGuard Internet Security 10

Complete internet security suite which protects you and your computer from online threats like identity theft, credit card fraud, hackers, spam, viruses and spyware including Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Spamfilter and Backup.

Key features:

- Antivirus:Give computer viruses like Trojans and worms no chance.
- Antispyware: Protect yourself from identity theft and online fraud.
- Protect your computer from unwanted intruders like hackers.
- Antiphishing: Get web pages and e-mails authenticated, so you can surf, shop, and bank safely online.
- Spamfilter: Keep your inbox clean from junk mail and phishing attempts.
- Backup: Easily secure your important files from computer crashes, damage and theft.
- Support: Free 24/7 support when you need it.
- User-friendliness: User interface and installation so easy, anyone can use it.
- Gaming Mode: Fast but safe game fun with minimal resource consumption.
- Inspector: Locates vulnerable, out-dated software before hackers exploit it.

What’s new in BullGuard Internet Security 10?

- Behavioural Detection: catches 65% more malware than traditional virus programs.
- Safe Browsing: flags any registered, unsafe websites that come up in search results.
- Inspector: locates vulnerable, out-dated software before hackers exploit it.


Product categories:
Computer Security
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