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Mehrunisa Qayyum

Basic Information

Chicago, IL, United States
International Development Consultant
Politics - Middle East & North Africa

About Me

I’m not a feminist, nor secularist, nor Islamist, nor plagiarist, but I’m a humanist-who sometimes acts like a masochist. Sometimes I wish I was a physicist…but I like to think like an economist. All in all, I do persist.

Purposeful walking means no stopping for unnecessary giggling and other ditzy moments.

Listening to Bjork calms me down; listening to PSB or Gwen Stefani makes me smile. What energizes me? listening and dancing at the same time, which=Shiny Toy Guns or Panic at the Disco! Contradictions drive me crazy. Empowerment is developing calm moxy. Attending University of Chicago is a self-help guide not intended for Dummies. I think if more leaders extended ‘emotional hugs’ there would be less conflict.

I’m an E/ISTJ that needs to go beyond appreciating abstract phenomena and become more comfortable with ENFP people. If you had no idea what I’m referring to in the last sentence, take a Meirs Briggs Test and check out Other than that, I believe empathy will facilitate pluralism as well as smooth out inefficiences in both the market and improve the family unit.

After a long, grueling week of debate, watching cartoons is my hot chocolate with marshmallows. Now that Saturday Night Live is terrible, I’m pushing myself to find live comedy—hey laughing helps burn calories when it’s too hot to go running.

Why I love my city

I love to walk, and I first learned about Twitter because of the small village that is DC b/c it’s fun tweeting about crazy protestors.


maintaining content state of mind; kickboxing alternating with yoga; cooking and eating what I cook because I don’t bake well; laughing at my brothers’ jokes because I don’t know how to tell jokes.

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