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Peter Lamotte

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Hilton Head Island, SC, United States

About Me

Peter LaMotte is President of GeniusRocket, a Curated Crowdsourcing company. The Curated Crowdsourcing model relies upon a vetted community of experienced and professional production companies, writers, and advertising veterans to deliver high quality commercial video content at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Prior to taking on the roll of president, Peter ran marketing and operations at GeniusRocket. He was responsible for changing the business model from its original open contest-based approach of Crowdsourcing, over to its current “Curated Crowdsourcing” model.

Peter came to GeniusRocket from Corporate Executive Board where he was an Executive Educator for the Marketing Leadership Council and Customer Contact Council. He has worked in the sales and marketing divisions of IBM, Apple, and Intrepid Aviation, a spin off company of FedEx. At IBM Peter was a member of the NetGen team; IBM’s first division focused on Internet based companies. He holds BA in International Business from Rhodes College, and MBA from Vanderbilt University. He taught on the subject of Creative Curation and Crowdsourcing at schools and organizations including Georgetown and American University as well as the University of Maryland.

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