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Nelson Hollins

Basic Information

Luxury Travel Agency Owner/Manager
Travel & Tourism

About Me

We help busy professionals get pampered service, exquisite cuisine and extraordinary travel experiences for that very special Caribbean getaway. We concentrate on the needs and desires of the client and explore the most efficient way to accomplish their travel requests. Our passion for travel and beauty is transferred into the picture we bring to life with rich unique possibilities and the fulfillment of rewarding and memorable travel experiences.

We purposely connect and partner with competent luxury travel suppliers who have the resources and the knowledge to provide the type of lifestyle travel experiences we believe our clients can expect and enjoy. We service clientele who recognize the value and time saving capabilities of professionals and who appreciate the distinction and difference of having luxury travel advisors to facilitate their travel needs.

Why I love my city

The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex has an exciting atmosphere, outstanding dining and sports venues, and beautiful skyscrapers. I love skyscrapers! Go Cowboys and Patriots! (I secretly love New England!)


Church, Travel, Shopping, Computers, Professional Football

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