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Chris Melfi

Basic Information

PR & Marketing

About Me

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure to work with so many different people and businesses. Once I really thought about it, I realized I’m pretty well rounded when it comes to being familiar with all the different facets of what we now call Internet Marketing. Here’s a brief run down of some of the opportunities I’ve had as a Search Marketer.
6 years Search Engine Marketing experience
3 years Search Engine Optimization experience, both as an in-house and with an agency
Developed presentations and held seminars/networking events for local business owners
Distributed press releases that have ended up on Forbes and Entrepreneur
Managed paid media campaigns on various networks – Google, AOL (ad sonar), Pulse 360 and Bing
Managed weekly development and launch of email campaigns and promotions
Subscriber database segregation and management of 380,000+
Overseen joint venture proposals – Negotiated terms for media buys and duration of promotions
Managed outsourcing of writers for content construction
Affiliate management of 4000+ on several networks for multiple products

You can see samples of my PPC and SEO Portfolio on my website.

Knowledgeable in various niches, ranging from the legal and medical industry to construction contractors and the maw & paw corner store.

Why I love my city

Its freakin’ beautiful.


Search geek, good pizza, science fiction and tunes.

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