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Madeline Kronfeld

Basic Information

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In a Relationship
West Mclean, VA, United States
Social Media
Internet & Web

About Me

All of my jobs have somehow related to creating personal connections and maintaining relationships. Post-college I worked for a non-profit org. where I managed community events and programs. I made a career change and started hunting for a position closer to the journalism field. In the meantime, I worked as a nanny and in retail management.

Currently, I work for an awesome business intelligence company and get to do what I love – social media! I (along with a few others) manage our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and stay connected with all the other awesome people who love our software.

In my personal life, you’ll find me watching Dexter, Criminal Minds, Glee, and Jeopardy. I like shopping, spending time with my mom, sleeping on my brother’s couch, and wine nights.

Why I love my city

There’s always so much to do! We have amazing restaurants, museums, monuments, and such pretty scenery. You don’t need a car to get around (although I couldn’t live without mine) and brunch is a way of life.


Social media, celebrity news, concerts, vanilla tootsie rolls, dinosaurs, Diet Coke

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