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Mark Caserta

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Brooklyn, NY, United States
Buffalo, NY, United States
Internet & Web

About Me

Mark Caserta played a leading role in fighting for the city’s environment for more than twelve years, as Deputy Director of New Yorkers for Parks, Director of the Waterfront Parks Coalition, and NYC Lobbyist for the New York League of Conservation Voters. In April 2004, Mark and his wife Samantha opened an eco-friendly home and lifestyle store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, known as 3r Living. A second store in Maplewood, New Jersey, opened in October 2007. 3r Living is now online, only, at Mark is also a web and social media consultant to small businesses through his company M2C Consulting and now with Main Street Complete.

For six years, M2C Consulting had been working with non-profit organizations, helping them to create public policy advocacy campaigns, launch online marketing strategies and raise funds. In 2010, M2C Consulting formed a partnership with Mobile Meteor called “Main Street Complete” which works with small businesses and merchant groups to find affordable, effective solutions for reaching customers online and through the mobile web.

Why I love my city

Brooklyn is the soul of New York City.


Web and social media, small mom and pop businesses, writing and playing music (guitar, bass, ukelele), urban issues

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