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Jason Pittam

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Hayward, CA, United States
Roseburg, OR, United States
Project Manager
Mobile Apps

About Me

After working in the semiconductor industry in R&D, package development and design engineering for several years, Mikael ventured into project management. Some of the clients he has worked with include Linkin Park, AllVoices, RapBasement, United Way Silicon Valley and other local Bay Area non-profit organizations. He is an early adopter of blogging, lifestreaming, Facebook marketing and Twitter. He can be seen throughout the blogosphere successfully experimenting with social media. Mikael is an online journalist for Technorati, BlogCritics and His two main joys are being married to his soulmate and using her creativity as inspiration for his ideas.

Why I love my city

Heart of the Bay Area, clean water, Farmer’s Market at my doorstep, so many amenities nearby.


mobile apps, ios, android, iphone, mac, apple, thunderbolt, social media, google+, google plus, facebook, twitter, beta, technology

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