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Lynette Young

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Trenton, NJ, United States
Manville, NJ, United States
Information Technology

About Me

Lynette Young is founder of Purple Stripe Productions, established 2006. Purple Stripe specializes in social marketing, technology, strategies and implementation services. Lynette brings precision, detail and creative flair to helping organizations define their social media outreach and digital marketing strategies. She also serves as a Board Member and Strategic Adviser to a number of digital marketing agencies and technology startups.A New Jersey native, Lynette is a seasoned, 20-year veteran project manager and technology strategist. In addition to her extensive corporate experience, Lynette has been been a true pioneer since she began blogging in 1997, an expert in podcasting and virtual worlds since 2004, and has worked professionally in social media technologies and marketing communications strategies since 2006.

Lynette is also a highly sought-after professional speaker, instructor, and event organizer. Highlights include being co-organizer, featured speaker and instructor at Podcamp Philly; organizer, featured speaker & programming director of Social Media Club Princeton; organizer and instructor of the Social Media Bootcamp program; featured speaker at Web2Open in New York City; and featured speaker at Podcamp Boston. Lynette has given many corporate talks, designed and presented customized training sessions, and provided social media thought leadership workshops for numerous corporations in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia & Boston.

Lynette’s extensive experience and ability to build personal connections – as well as her mainstream and niche online savvy – means clients and professional partners such as Bristol Myers Squibb,, crayon, the Coca-Cola Company, and Universal Music Group connect not only with Lynette and her strategies but also with their markets and consumers. Regardless of their experience level, these clients now have more meaningful conversations with their audiences in new and engaging ways.

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