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Pallab Kakoti

Basic Information

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Delhi, IN-DL, India
Digital Marketing Manager
Internet & Web

About Me

I consider myself to be the ideal prospect for projects on IT conferences owing to my comprehensive experience in the conferencing domain.

Some of my blogs on IT Conferences as well as on unified communication channels for Small Medium Business include:

Another blogging platform that I am closely working for is based on the trend of Conference & Unified Communications by small medium business is:

I also have good SEO skills as well as the ability & knowledge required to propagate online digital marketing for various industry channels.

In addition I also have extensive knowledge in the architectural of social media marketing embedded with web 2.0 tools for remote communication channels to enable real time interactions between web visitors and website owners.

You may refer to another blog that I run based on digital online marketing and social media optimization includes:

My latest blog on talks about the highlighted features offered by professional conference operators including tips & best practices to affirm my candidature as per your 4th reference made on your job description proposal.

My associations with projects are more likely to yield favorable results by propagating your online business goals primary other than regular blogging in the IT Conference and SMB communication domains.

Why I love my city

Gives me the opportunity to be what I want to be.


Music, Blogging, Composing Music, Write Songs & Lyrics, Play Guitar, Snooker, Internet, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock

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