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John Morfit

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Reston, VA, United States
Chevy Chase, MD, United States

About Me

I create solutions that monitor, measure and optimize wireless networks. I’ve been in cellular telecom since AMPS/ETACS and now we’re seeing pre-4G with WiMAX and LTE. Wow, that’s a lot of change, and it’s exciting. I have done work in voice quality assessment, radio network quality assessment, and in data service quality assessment. My primary focus is on Radio Access Network optimization.

Why I love my city

I’m a native born, 2nd generation Washingtonian. I love seeing the changes it’s going through, from streetcars (they’re coming back!) and computer checkers at the Smithsonian when I was a kid to our diverse, vibrant city today. Washington is filled with interesting and smart people and you can always find something great to do around here!


I sail a trimaran on the Chesapeake Bay, and race in the multihull division. If I’m not sailing, I may be practicing hapkido, a martial art. When it’s too cold to sail, I switch to skiing, if I can get to a slope. Backpacking is something I occasionally do as well. Lastly, travel! Who doesn’t like going to a new place?

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