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Jim Chung

Basic Information

Boston, MA, United States
Startup Advisor, Tech Transfer, University Admin

About Me

Jim Chung is the director of The George Washington University’s Office of Entrepreneurship, where he is responsible for entrepreneurship programs and technology transfer. Throughout his career, he has led a number of entrepreneurship-based efforts.

As the director of Mtech VentureAccelerator at the University of Maryland, Mr. Chung assisted faculty and students in launching start-up companies based on University of Maryland technology. Prior to that, he served as director of new business development at the Corporate Executive Board, helping establish the company’s mergers and acquisitions capabilities. He also served as vice president of Cherington Capital (now Intervale Capital), a middle market private equity firm, and prior to that, he spent five years as an early stage venture capital investor, most recently at incTANK Ventures, where he served as managing director.

Before becoming an investor, Mr. Chung was an academic researcher studying how business, government, and academia work together to create new innovations in high technology industries. He served as a research fellow at several institutions during his 10-year academic career, including Harvard University (Center for Science and International Affairs), the University of Tokyo (Fulbright Fellow), and the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (NSF Fellow). He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Stanford University, and was a Ph.D. candidate at MIT.

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