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Jason Shams

Basic Information

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Washington, DC, United States
Rockville, MD, United States
Freelance Journalist
Politics - Middle East & North Africa

About Me

I was born in DC and grew up in Rockville until I was 8, then moved to Iran with my family and lived in Tehran for the last twenty years, until Nov. 09 when I moved back to DC. I speak, read and write both languages as a native, which puts me in a unique position: I feel at home both amongst Iranians and Americans.
I love “the great game” of politics, and for me, nothing else compares to it. An active member of the Green movement since way back, I am deeply interested in Iranian politics, for the rift between Iran and the US has always had a personal impact on my life as a half Iranian, half American. It is my dream to see the two countries I belong to eventually make peace, and for me to have a chair at the negotiation table that it happens at.

Why I love my city

The parks and the politics

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