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Gulnara Mirzakarimova

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About Me

They say that most people are either “right-side” brained or “left-side” brained. In my case, I utilize both extensively, though my balance is out of whack.

So, let’s cover the “left side” first. I have a summa cum laude degree in finance, passed Chartered Financial Analyst exams for Level I and II, and speak three languages (Russian, English, French). After my graduation, I joined a startup bank and was their only commercial credit analyst for two years, analyzing more than 250 companies and helping to double the size of their loan portfolio. As of right now I am the underwriter.

Now, the “right side”! I paint, draw, act, snowboard, surf! Recently, I started moving away from the traditional mediums towards the digital art, though I still have some projects lined up using the watercolors. As of snowboarding, you can find me shredding almost every weekend during the winter season.

Currently, my main goal is to reshape Washington. D.C. into a vibrant startup playground, by connecting talent, investors and mentors. My company, Two-Side Brain, LLC, is specifically dedicated to this goal.

My motto: “Dare to be Yourself” Andre Gide

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