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Gerard Corbett

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Philadelphia, PA, United States
PR & Marketing

About Me

Gerry Corbett is an experienced and versatile branding, marketing, public relations and communications executive and coach having served four decades in senior marketing and communications roles at Global Fortune 100 firms and earlier in his career in aerospace engineering and information technology with Silicon Valley firms and NASA. He has effectively and deftly managed a range of communications, marketing and customer service functions in order to advance corporate culture, enhance brand understanding and trust, and enable organization harmony and effectiveness. Gerry’s background spans High Tech Companies – Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Computers, Storage, and Semiconductors – to Industrial Conglomerates, Natural Resources, Transportation and Heavy Equipment. Specialties: Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Web Management, Communications Strategy, Crisis Management, Web 2.0 and Leadership Coaching.

Why I love my city

No snow, no ice!


Life, family, travel, wine, food, cars, flying

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