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L2 Lounge in DC... We felt about as blurry as this picture really is! ;)
Having sushi at Oya in DC.
W Hotel rooftop in DC.
Second Awesomeize.Me Party!
My birthday 2010.
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Amanda Tahmasebzadeh

Basic Information

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In a Relationship
Alexandria, VA, United States
Arlington, VA, United States

About Me

About me? Really? You want to hear all this? D’awww, okay…

I’m currently an undergrad student in Psychology / Neuroscience. As of now, this comprises most of what is ME – school is first on my priority list. I also LOVE cooking and will use any get-together or holiday as an excuse to display my awesome culinary skills! I wish I could live two lives – one as a therapist, the other as a chef.

Why I love my city

Mostly the awesome restaurants. I am always up for something new, and we have some great food in this city!


Cooking, studying, reading, writing, music, concerts, clubbing, clubs, cocktails, sleeping, daydreaming, crossword puzzles, zoning out, having fun, travelling, psychology, art, film, food, and generally being crazy. :)


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