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Dale Little

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Business Strategist
Social Media

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Dale Little – Speaker, Business Expert, Consultant

Dale understands that Small Business owners are in business for two primary reasons — to make money, and to be their own boss. There’s a third reason that should fit in there somewhere — enjoying what they do. Dale has coached and mentored Small Business owners and entrepreneurs in the development of new programs that help business owners enjoy their work, and Make Bigger Profits!

Since 2007, Dale has worked with countless business owners and entrepreneurs, throughout the country, in the development of plans and programs for Marketing, Communication, Customer Service, Professionalism, Profitability, and Motivation. It’s often said that one must spend money to make money. In many instances that’s true, but it doesn’t mean that every penny of capital or profits must be spent in an effort to stabilize or grow the business. Dale firmly believes that many positive outcomes can be achieved with little or no money, and illustrates this philosophy throughout each presentation. Seminar content, for audiences large and small, is developed from Dale’s administrative and sales experience over the past twenty-three years. Dale’s concurrent seminar series’, Making The Most Of Your Marketing Dollar and Social Media Marketing Success For Business, holds audience attention with ongoing interaction and the sharing of techniques and strategies that can be utilized in every business immediately.

Dale contributes articles to several online small business organizations including Entrepreneur Connect, Inside Web Marketing Blog, Kalon Women Blog, Focus, and Biznik, as well as her business blog Business Strategies That Work! and her Facebook business group by the same name. She has been featured in articles, BlogTalkRadiocasts, news programs and podcasts for Lowe’s for Pros, All Biz Answers, Stillwaters Fireside Chat, Capital Insider and George Mason University SBDC.


Social Media, Marketing, Books

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