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Brandon O'mara

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Abington, PA, United States

About Me

I am a newly single father of four girls. Two are biological daughters. I’m an independent associate with LegalShield. I’ve been in this role for over ten years. I’m still climbing my way to the top of the company and I will not quit until I reach my goal. I love to meet new people, especially people that love Philly sports teams as well!! When I first came over here from the islands, I moved to South Jersey and that is why I took a liking to Philly teams.

Why I love my city

I love the Philly area because it’s the city of brotherly love!! There’s a whole lot to do here. I still have not learned everything there is to know about Philly because I grew up in North Jersey. I’d love to meet someone that knows the area.


I love to sing in the choir at church. Looking for a home-church now to settle down with. I used to sing professionally in the 90’s in a vocal group. I was the bass singer and some lead vocals. We are trying to get the group back together.

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