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Bethany Smith

Basic Information

Product Development Strategist
Internet & Web

About Me

I’m a product development strategist who utilizes UX (user experience) design processes for software (web+smartphone+tv+ tablet) applications. My overall experience lies in helping clients extract and analyze business needs as well as requirements gathering to support long-term product vision. I design and use visually rich concepts and prototypes as tools to drive innovation and exploration around product opportunities and solutions. I help teams engage in thinking in an explicit format. My site at has a bit more info.

Why I love my city

The Valley is one of the most innovative spots and the energy that is created as a result of startup activities is amazing. The competitive talent pool here keeps folks sharp and the city is small enough that professional connections can be made quickly. Mix this with environmental beauty and you wonder why anyone would ever want to leave the SF Bay area.


analyzing new tech trends and discovering new gadgets for connectivity with media. I also love sailing on the Bay.

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