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Carol dombach Deckert

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Lancaster, PA, United States
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About Me

I am the founder of Referrals Unlimited Network, a group and individual coaching practice, started in 2007, in Lancaster, PA. I am also a coach – a netweaving/networking coach! My specialty is in helping small offline businesses market online through social media. I can help you prepare your profiles for each of the online networks and help you develop your networking plan as a critical part of your marketing plan. Connection + Conversations + Communication + Caring + Creating Relationships = More Clients + More Customers and Ultimately More Cash!

Group coaching is offered through face-to-face groups that meet on a weekly basis. Currently, in development, is online membership group that will allow members from all over the world to take part in my coaching services.

As a small business owner, in 1993, I had no money available for marketing. So I began joining local organizations and networking to get my services known in my area. I encouraged my clients to call me before they looked anywhere else when they needed a product or service so that I could connect them with someone in my steadily growing network. I soon found that connecting people, helping them find someone to solve their problems, was what I loved to do.

In 2000, I became ill and had to close down my Virtual Assistant business. During my recuperation and recovery period I researched online to find something that I could do that involved my true love of networking and connecting. I joined LinkedIn in 2004 and began participating in forums, reading and learning more about online connections. RUNLancaster was born as a result of that research and I launched my first face-to-face group in 2007

Why I love my city

I was born and raised in Lancaster PA. I love that we have 4 seasons each year, but truly prefer the warmer ones. Lancaster is an area that is rich in farming but has lots of cultural activities.


Spending time with family, especially the grandkids, Networking, reading, counted cross stitch

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