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Amanda Deatherage

Basic Information

Gettysburg, PA, United States

About Me

n 2001, Amanda entered law school in TX and focused on international trade law. While in law school, she became Editor-in-Chief of Currents, International Trade Law Journal.
After graduating in 2004, she returned to DC to practice trade remedies litigation. In 2005, she became a registered lobbyist with International Advisory Services and focused on a brand of tax reform that would assist domestic producers in increasing export penetration internationally.
In the Summer of 2006, Amanda was afforded the unique opportunity to teach international trade law to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in Jakarta. She also worked with the MOT public relations department on developing lobbying and stakeholder relations.
After returning from Indonesia, Amanda went to work at DCI Group as a Director of Strategic Alliances. In this role, she developed, maintained and cultivated relationships with trade associations and other third party groups to assist with achieving public policy goals. Amanda regularly created and executed events and strategic communications campaigns to educate, inform and encourage a call to action regarding pending legislation.
Today, Amanda consults businesses, non-profits and other policy organizations in the area of strategic communications, event management and advocacy.

Why I love my city

Washington, DC is the hub of all things political. It has a vibrant, young professional community where the best and brightest are focused on government and business. The architecture, parks and views are amazing.

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