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Hermione Way

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San Francisco, CA, United States
Media: Online

About Me

Hermione Way is a journalist and new media entrepreneur. Having graduated as a journalist (and even before graduating, completing a National Council for the Training of Journalists qualification; something usually taken as a post-graduate) Hermione has shown an impressive track record of establishing innovative businesses in the new media space.

She started her first venture, in the second year of her degree, using money from her student loan to buy the first piece of equipment. Newspepper began essentially as a “citizen journalism” video production company with one key difference; it employed student and graduate filmmakers and journalists enabling them to get much-needed paid vocational media work experience. Having had substantial experience of working for media organisations whilst at University, Hermione opted not to take a position with another employer, but rather to seek to take the Newspepper concept and turn it into a profitable business model, whilst ensuring it remained true to the founding principle of providing vocational training. By focussing solely on the production of video content designed for the internet, Newspepper is able to offer its clients a unique proposition. Firstly the costs associated with online distribution are significantly lower than those for conventional video, partly because the “transmission” costs are lower, but also because the quality of footage required is not as high as for traditional video presentation, enabling the use of cheaper (and more portable) recording equipment. Secondly, it provides significant flexibility in terms of how the content is distributed, ranging from live (uncut) “streamed” footage of events to more formal pre-recorded content.

Finally, Newspepper offers its clients extensive expertise in exploiting the viral nature of the internet (such as the use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook) to ensure their video content receives the widest possible exposure.

Why I love my city

The food in SF is amazing!


swimming, reading, chatting yoga

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